Stock CFD Trading

Go long or short on some of the world’s most popular stocks with Focus Markets.

Advantages of Trading Stock CFDs

The advantage of trading stocks is that price movement are those of individual shares which can be more volatile, especially during news announcements, providing the trader with market opportunity. Traders can start trading stock CFDs to try and profit from rising and falling stock prices.

650+ Stock CFDs

Access 650+ global stock CFDs via the award-winning MT5 platform.

Take Your Position

Take advantage of stock market volatility when trading global stock CFDs at Focus Markets.

Buy Partial Stock CFDs

Access some of the worlds largest stocks with a minimum trade size of 0.01.

Go Long or Short

At Focus Markets  you can long sell or short sell stock CFDs. Take the most out of stock market volatility.

Auto Open and Close Trades

Auto open and close when executing trades on the award winning MT5 trading platform.

Earn Dividends

Earn dividends on long positions without having to own the physical stock.

Live Stock Prices

Gain access to the most popular stocks from the largest companies with Focus Markets. Start trading stocks with tight spreads via Focus Markets’ MT5 trading platform.

Available Stock CFDs

Popular Stock Categories

Bank Stocks

Short sell stocks like ANZ, CBA, NAB and WBC against your existing holders in order to hedge against adverse market moves, long and short term.

Mining Stocks

Buy (Long) / Sell (Short) BHP, RIO, FMG, S32 and NST. When global commodity supply and demand levels move, so do these stocks.

Consumer Stocks

Trade MYR, HVN, CWN, FPH and JBH. Here, the markets and consumer sentiment move up and down.

Australian Property Stocks

Trade the consumer financial markets with APT (AfterPay) MQG, NWL, PTM and QBE. Within the ASX200 is LLC, REA, CHC, DHG, MGR and VCX, all are overexposure to property listings, property development and commercial property trusts.


Trade the consumer financial markets with APT (AfterPay) MQG, NWL, PTM and QBE.

FinTech Stocks

Trade the latest players taking over the banks, such as APT, HUB, IRE, WTC, XRO. There are amazing changes occurring as financial technology evolves.


Focus Markets also offers ASX200 CFDs with exposure to retail shops, airlines, farming, supermarkets and oil producers.

200+ Shares CFDs

Focus Markets clients can trade over 200 of the most popular shares from the ASX with competitive spreads on either the Standard or Premium account. Trade wherever you are on mobile or desktop with as little as $100.

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