Indices Trading

Start trading the world’s major stock and cryptocurrency indices via Focus Markets’ award-winning trading platforms and institutional grade trading conditions.

Advantages of Trading Index CFDs

The advantage of trading indices is that they have multiple components. We offer stock indices like the DAX, which has 30 constituents and measures the top performing German stocks, or much broader indices like the S&P 500. In addition to stock indices we feature XX exciting cryptocurrency indices. Multiple components not only diversify risk to an extent, but they offer the opportunity for greater volatility due to the fact that there are simply more moving parts.

Access 8 Stock Indices

Choose from 8 of the global major indices and access equity markets from around the world.

Go Long or Short

Long or short 8 major stock market indices from Aus200 to JPN225.

5 Crypto Indices Available

Trade 5 popular Crypto indices including, the Top 10 Altcoins, Top 25 Crypto coins to Top 9 China Crypto coins.

Razor Sharp Spreads

Highly competitive spreads with no extra fees.

Up to 1000:1 Leverage

Take advantage of market volatility with flexible leverage.

Razor Sharp Spreads

Enjoy industry leading spreads with no hidden fees.

Live Stock Indices Prices

Focus Markets traders can access up to 8 major stock global market indices. These indices represent the overall movements of some of the largest markets and can all be accessed via Focus Markets’ trading platforms.

Available Stock Indices

Symbol Raw Account Lowest Spread* Standard Account Lowest Spread
AUS2000.0 AUD0.0 AUD
HK505.0 HKD5.0 HKD
JPN2250.45 JPY 0.45 JPY
GER301.0 EUR1.0 EUR
FRA400.0 EUR 0.0 EUR
NDX1000.3 USD0.3 USD
SPX5000.4 USD0.4 USD
UK1001.2 GBP1.2 GBP
US300.25 USD 0.25 USD

Available Crypto Indices

Symbol Name
DEFI25 Top 25 Defi Token
ALT10Top 10 Altcoin Token
CCI9 Top 9 China Crypto
HOLYUSDHoly Trinity Pool vs
CRYPTO10Top 10 Crypto Index vs
CRYPTO25Top 25 Crypto Index

Start Trading with Focus Markets

Popular Stock Indices Products

Focus Markets clients can trade XX of the most popular indices in the world, allowing them to profit from activity in equity markets around the globe. With equity markets on 4 continents represented, traders can trade nearly 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.


The AUS200 is the headline index for the Australian stock market and the most popular index amongst those trading during the Australian trading day.


The UK100, commonly known as the FTSE100, or Footsie, is the headline index for the UK market and the most popular index in Europe.


The GER30, commonly referred to as the DAX, is Germany’s headline index and is weighted heavily to industrial and tech companies.


The FRA40, or CAC, represents the largest 40 stocks on the Paris stock market.


The US30, or Dow Jones Industrial Average, is the oldest index in the world, representing 30 blue chip companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange.


The SPX500 or S&P 500 index is the most heavily traded index in the world. It represents the 500 largest companies in the largest economy in the world.


The JPN225, or Nikkei, is the headline index in Tokyo, Japan and is heavily weighted to industrial conglomerates.


The EUSTX50, or Eurostox index, represents the 50 largest companies in Europe.